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Three Stone Engagement Rings

Three stone engagement rings symbolise a couple's past, present, and future. Lark & Berry’s collection features stunning designs of 3 stone diamond rings and three diamond engagement rings with ethically sourced, lab-grown diamonds and gemstones. Discover timeless beauty and sustainability with our carefully crafted engagement rings.

History and Symbolism of 3 Stone Engagement Rings

Three stone engagement rings have roots in ancient civilisations where triads of stones were used in symbolic jewellery. Historically, these rings represented trinities like birth, life, and death. Today, each diamond in a 3 stone engagement ring represents a stage in a couple's journey: the past, present, and future. 

The first diamond symbolises the cherished memories and experiences that laid the foundation for their love. The second diamond signifies their love and commitment in the present moment. The third diamond represents the couple's hopes, dreams, and promises for a future filled with enduring love and adventures yet to come. 

With its powerful symbolic representation of a love that has persevered, is unwavering in the present, and will continue to grow stronger through life's chapters ahead, the three stone engagement ring design eloquently captures the essence of an everlasting bond.

Features & Characteristics of Three Stone Engagement Rings

Three stone engagement rings are renowned for their captivating and distinctive design. Typically, these rings feature three gemstones, most commonly diamonds, arranged in an eye-catching line across the band. The centre diamond is often the largest stone, flanked on each side by two smaller accent diamonds. 

While this traditional three-stone layout is quite popular, the rings offer incredible versatility when it comes to the shapes, sizes, and settings of the featured diamonds. From classic round brilliants to elegant princess cuts or vintage-inspired cushions, three stone rings can showcase diamonds in a variety of fancy shapes. 

The side stones can match the centre diamond or provide complementary contrast. The arrangement of the stones coupled with the choice of metal, whether platinum, yellow gold, rose gold, or another precious metal, allows for a wealth of possibilities to craft a ring perfectly suited to the wearer's personal style. This versatility ensures three stone engagement rings can achieve a wide range of aesthetics from timeless to trendy, making them an enduring and highly coveted symbol of love.

Tips for Choosing a Three Diamond Engagement Ring

When selecting a three stone engagement ring, pay close attention to how the three diamonds complement each other in the four Cs - cut, colour, clarity, and carat weight

The centre stone will be the star, so prioritise an excellent cut grade with an eye-catching brilliance. For the side stones, you may be able to go slightly lower in colour or clarity to stay within your budget, as slight differences are less noticeable in smaller diamonds. However, aim for a close pairing in those characteristics to the centre stone for an overall harmonious look. Consider adjusting the carat weights in a slight ratio, like 0.75 ct centre with 0.25 ct sides, to emphasise the grandeur of the focal diamond. 

Opt for straight or gently curved bands to properly display all three stones. And be sure to examine certified grades to understand all the quality factors in your customised three stone ring.

Three Stone Lab Grown Diamond Rings by Lark & Berry

At Lark & Berry, we offer exquisite three stone diamond engagement rings featuring lab-grown diamonds. Our collection combines timeless elegance with modern sustainability, providing you with a beautiful and ethical choice for your special moment.

Our lab-grown diamonds are produced through eco-friendly methods and are entirely conflict-free, ensuring that your engagement ring is as kind to the planet as it is stunning. By choosing a Lark & Berry three stone ring, you are supporting sustainable practices and contributing to a better world.

Each three stone engagement ring in our collection is a testament to our dedication to quality and innovation. Meticulously crafted with unique designs, our rings showcase the brilliance and beauty of lab created diamonds, making them a perfect symbol of your enduring love.


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3 Stone Engagement Ring FAQ

What is a three stone engagement ring?

A three stone engagement ring, also known as a trilogy or trinity ring, features a central diamond flanked by two smaller stones, symbolising the past, present, and future of a relationship. The central diamond represents the present moment, while the smaller diamonds signify the journey that has led to the present and the future that awaits. 

This symbolic arrangement adds sentimental value, making three stone engagement rings a popular choice for engagements and anniversaries. Cherished for their romantic symbolism and timeless elegance, they serve as enduring symbols of love and commitment in the jewellery world.

What are the benefits of a 3 stone diamond ring?

Opting for a three stone diamond ring brings numerous advantages. Firstly, it symbolises a couple's journey together, with each stone representing the past, present, and future of their relationship, giving the ring with profound sentimental value. 

Moreover, the trio of diamonds adds visual interest and brilliance, intensifying the ring's overall sparkle and allure. Typically, the central diamond, often larger, acts as a focal point, while the flanking stones complement its radiance.

Furthermore, three stone rings boast remarkable versatility, accommodating diverse diamond shapes, sizes, and setting styles, catering to individual tastes and preferences. Be it a classic or contemporary design, three stone diamond rings exude timeless elegance and carry profound symbolic significance, making them an esteemed choice for engagements and commemorations alike.

What are popular three stone ring shapes?

Popular diamond shapes in three stone engagement rings include round, princess, cushion, and emerald cuts. Round diamonds boast timeless elegance and maximum sparkle. Princess cuts offer a modern square shape with brilliant facets for a contemporary look. Cushion cuts feature softened corners and vintage charm, providing romantic appeal. Emerald cuts showcase step-cut facets and an elongated silhouette for a sophisticated aesthetic. 

Each shape caters to diverse style preferences. When selecting a three stone ring, consider the diamond shape carefully as it significantly influences the overall appearance, ensuring alignment with your personal taste.

Should all the stones in a 3 stone engagement ring be the same quality?

While it's ideal for all stones in a three stone engagement ring to match in quality, budget considerations may require flexibility. Consistency in diamond quality across all three stones ensures a cohesive appearance. Prioritising certain characteristics can balance quality and budget. 

Focus on cut and clarity for the centre stone, which draws attention, while being flexible with side stones. This maintains overall brilliance while managing costs. Choose diamonds that complement each other well for a stunning look within budget. 

At Lark & Berry, our expert guidance assists in informed decisions, ensuring the perfect three stone engagement ring meets both quality and budget requirements.

How do I choose the right size for the center stone and side stones?

Choosing the appropriate size for the centre stone and side stones in your marquise cut diamond engagement ring involves blending personal preference, aesthetic balance, and budget considerations. Start by determining the centre stone size, considering it as the focal point. The marquise cut's elongated shape can create the illusion of a larger diamond, maximising visual impact without necessarily increasing carat weight.

Next, ensure the side stones complement the centre without overpowering it. Generally, aim for side stones around two-thirds the width of the centre stone. This proportion may vary based on individual tastes and design preferences.

Utilise visual aids like size comparison charts or digital simulations to aid decision-making, providing a tangible representation of how different diamond sizes will look within the ring design.

By considering size, proportion, and aesthetics, you can confidently select the ideal combination of centre and side stones for your marquise cut diamond engagement ring, achieving a stunning, balanced result reflecting your unique style.

What metals work best with three stone diamond rings?

Three stone engagement rings offer a range of metal options, including platinum, white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold. Platinum, renowned for durability and a natural white hue, excellently showcases diamond brilliance. White gold provides a similar look to platinum but at a more accessible price point. Yellow gold radiates warmth, ideal for traditional or vintage designs. Rose gold, with its romantic blush tone, adds modern femininity.

When choosing a metal for your engagement ring, consider lifestyle, personal style, and skin tone. Platinum and white gold suit cooler tones, while yellow and rose gold complement warmer tones. Choose a metal that enhances the diamonds' beauty and aligns with your aesthetic, ensuring your three stone diamond ring is both timeless and stunning.

What are the popular designs for three stone engagement rings?

Classic three stone engagement rings typically feature a larger centre diamond flanked by two smaller side stones, symbolising the past, present, and future of a relationship. This timeless design exudes elegance and sophistication, making it a perennial favourite among couples.

For those seeking a modern twist, contemporary designs offer unique variations, such as asymmetrical arrangements or mixed metal settings. These designs add an element of individuality and creativity to the traditional three stone ring, appealing to those with a more eclectic taste.

Popular design trends also include vintage-inspired motifs, featuring intricate details reminiscent of bygone eras, and nature-inspired elements, such as floral or leaf motifs, reflecting current fashion preferences and adding a touch of romance to the ring.


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