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Bespoke Beauty

Design Your Own Engagement Ring

At Lark & Berry, we specialise in bringing your custom engagement ring design to life, crafting a unique piece that tells your personal love story. Explore the world of custom engagement rings with us, where your vision takes centre stage. Discover the brilliance of lab grown diamonds, combining ethical choices with exquisite craftsmanship for a truly exceptional ring.

The Custom Engagement Ring Process

Craft your own bespoke engagement ring journey with Lark & Berry's expertise in custom rings. Collaborate with our jewellery consultants to design the perfect ring, tailoring every detail from diamond shape to carat weight. Embrace the allure of lab grown diamonds or select from an array of diamond or gemstone centre stones. Create a unique piece that reflects the individuality and commitment of your love, ensuring it stands as a symbol as unique as your relationship.

Step 1: Custom Ring Consultation

Initiate the process with a personalised consultation, where our jewellery consultants delve into the intricacies of your desires. Share your preferences, and let our design team guide you towards the perfect custom engagement ring. Your happiness and transparency throughout this step are our top priorities.

Step 2: Get Custom Ring Designs

Experience the magic of the design phase, where 2D and 3D renderings bring your ideas to life. Any design you choose will be accompanied by a detailed price quote, separating gemstone and metal costs. Engage in the collaborative process, refining the design with regular communication and feedback.

Step 3: 3D Rendering Preview

Witness your dream ring come alive in a detailed 3D rendering. This phase allows you to visualise the final product before committing, ensuring satisfaction and approval before moving forward with production.

Step 4: Receive Your Custom Engagement Ring

Once the 3D design is approved, witness the meticulous construction of your custom engagement ring. Choose from various delivery options, with the possibility of receiving a digital storybook capturing the essence of your ring's creation. Rest assured, our commitment to the highest quality remains unwavering.

Our Custom Engagement Ring Creations

Explore our showcase of custom engagement rings, each a unique masterpiece. From intricate details to the choice of metals and gemstones, draw inspiration from our diverse collection to create a ring that speaks to your heart.

Mind Over Mined by Lark & Berry

Experience the love and meaning behind our custom-designed engagement rings, enhanced by the brilliance of lab created diamonds. Discover the benefits of ethical choices without compromising on beauty and quality.

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Custom Engagement Ring Testimonials

Read what our customers have to say about their personalised journey with Lark & Berry. Realise the dreams of others and envision the possibilities for your unique custom engagement ring.

Just received the beautiful engagement ring that Lark & Berry designed for us, and couldn't be happier with the result. Customer service was excellent, with Emily expertly guiding us through the design process. Would recommend to anyone looking for jewellery, with the bonus of ethical diamonds. Thank you!

Alex J

I cannot thank The Mail enough as this is where I first heard of Lark & Berry; such an interesting article that I decided to visit the shop. I met with Emily; who was extremely helpful, informative and knew exactly what I wanted! Within days, Emily sent me drawings and my ring was chosen! Five weeks later and I have received my jewellery and I am absolutely blown away! This is by far the most beautiful ring I have ever seen; the detail is spectacular. Thank you Emily and team, you are all amazing!

Frances O

We chose Lark & Berry for my engagement ring and are so pleased we did. I knew exactly what I wanted and have strong design ideas of exactly what I like and Emily made all the thoughts in my head come to life in the form of the most stunning engagement ring I have ever seen. All aspects of the service were fantastic and I could not recommend it enough. We even received a thank you card from the founder of Lark & Berry thanking us for the purchase and supporting the business which was a lovely touch.Thank you again Emily + the team at Lark & Berry.

Danielle F + Paul

Had a brilliant experience with Lark & Berry for a bespoke engagement ring. Their designer Emily made it a seamless collaborative process that resulted in a stunning ring (which was fairly priced). Highly recommend to anyone looking for the same.

Shane F

I’m truly speechless. Please know that my fiancee and I are both grateful beyond words at the lengths to which you are willing to go to. It is a level of accommodation that far exceeds our expectations - thank you a million times over! My fiancee (who happens to work in retail herself) looked at me in sheer amazement with tears in her eyes when I told her about your e-mail. You have done an inspiring act of customer service and is one that ensures that we’ll continue to be customers for life!

Happy Customer

First and foremost, I want to thank you both for your help! The timeliness, communication, and customer service was beyond reproach, and Emily’s design, eye for detail, and patience were simply brilliant throughout the process! There is no doubt that the craftsmanship is also wonderful as well. Truly, thank you a million times over!

John B

Design Your Own Engagement Ring FAQ

How do I begin the process of designing my own engagement ring?

Initiate the journey by requesting a consultation or design through our booking page. Our team is ready to guide you through the process.

How long does the engagement ring design process typically take?

Design process is unique to each customer, but we assure you we will take every measure to communicate with you each step of the way. As soon as possible, we will provide an estimated timeline from consultation to final design approval.

What materials are available for custom engagement rings?

Choose from 14K, 18K and platinum options in a variety of colours, along with lab grown gemstones of most any type. We’re here to create a custom engagement ring that reflects your style and taste and won’t stop until it’s perfect.

How many design iterations are included in the process?

We offer as many sketches as you need to create your dream piece. We generally start with 3 sketches, from there you can give us your feedback. We can then create 3 more based on your feedback and so on. Once you are happy with your 2D sketch we will create a 3D rendering of your ring so you can view it from different angles and make sure you are satisfied with your final design. Once approved, we begin crafting your ring.

Is there a warranty or guarantee on custom engagement rings?

We offer complimentary lifetime cleaning and warranty on your ring.

Can I track the progress of my custom engagement ring during production?

We may inform you every step of the way as we are creating your ring so that you may know exactly what is going on and when you will be receiving your ring.

How is the final product delivered, and what is the expected delivery time?

We may ship the ring directly to you packaged in a luxurious Lark & Berry engagement ring box  or you may pick this up from one of our locations, depending on your preference. Rings generally take 3-4 weeks for production and depending on your location may take 2 days to 1 week to be delivered.


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