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Spring Is Calling - Answer with Hands Adorned In Cultured Diamonds | Lark and Berry

Spring Is Calling - Answer with Hands Adorned In Cultured Diamonds

Ahh… smell those cherry blossoms bloom, the leaves turning from brown to green, hang up that jacket and wear something outside that breathes—for the first time in months!

That’s right, it’s Spring, time to show off your cultured diamonds!

Our amazing planet Earth features so many different regional weather conditions, that it’s entirely possible you might live somewhere in which Spring is your only short reprieve of fabulous weather. So what better way to celebrate than by picking up a lab grown diamonds piece from the Lark & Berry collection?

Celebrate with man made diamonds most designed to evoke nature and its natural charms…

Are you thinking of the same Lark & Berry created diamonds suite WE’RE thinking of? If you’re picturing FLORA, then the answer is YES!

The FLORA suite features some of our most luxurious, world class cultured diamonds. Wearing a FLORA piece in Spring is perfect, since you’re likely to be a guest at a wedding coming up, at a gala event or maybe even at a super exclusive VIP party where you want to look your fanciest, studded with the finest lab grown diamonds… colour us jealous!

But envious as we may be here at Lark & Berry for your stellar social schedule, we’re thrilled to get you in all our colours! Our Flora collection features some stunning created rubies, emeralds and sapphires in blue and yellow. Let’s take a look...



It doesn’t get much redder than these pair of stunners, fine jewellery fans! Be careful out on a crosswalk on a sunny Spring day—you might be stopping traffic dead in their tracks! Our Ruby Drops feature 18K White Gold, two rapturous rubies and of course, are punctuated top to bottom with Lark & Berry lab grown diamonds.



Red means stop and admire, yellow means approach with caution—which is what anyone seeing you in these Drops will be doing, wondering how someone can possibly look THIS amazing! And with yellow sapphires in hues this show-stopping, you’ll be the perfect compliment to that shining springtime sun. These Yellow Sapphire Drops feature 18K White Gold, two sassy sapphires, and of course, they glitter all day topped with Lark & Berry man made diamonds.



We don’t want to keep you inside all day reading about our lovely jewellery—we want to tell you about one more FLORA piece, and because we’re sad to be parting ways with you come the end of this blog, we’re going to go with BLUE.

How often do you see girls around with sapphires in their ears THIS blue? Like the deepest oceans on Earth, there’s no better nature-metaphor made real than these Drops. Stare into this pair of sapphires and it’s like you can almost hear dolphins talking—it’s just total tranquility. These Blue Sapphire Drops feature 18K White Gold, double true-blue sapphires and of course, jaw-dropping clusters of Lark & Berry created diamonds.

What are you waiting for? Make a Lark & Berry jewellery purchase, you won’t regret it… then get out there and enjoy the weather! Oh, by the way, all of the jewellery discussed here today—almost forgot to mention—all these coloured stones are interchangeable. Mix and match to your heart’s content!


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