Majestic Cocktail Ring - Make Your Own!

Silver or 14K Gold, Cultured Stones

1. Choose your metal

2. Choose your stone

3. Choose your engraving

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This ring is made-to-order in your specifications. Typically, it takes 2-3 weeks to ship your item. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

• Stones are 12mm x 16mm

• Sapphire (all colour variations) weight: 15cts

• Ruby weight: 12.7cts

• Emerald weight: 10.2cts

Build your own awe-inspiring piece of jewelry with this Majestic Cocktail Ring.

1. Select your desired metal

2. Select your stone

3. Choose your engraving

...and Voila!

All stones are 12mm x 16mm. Sapphires weigh 15 carats, rubies 12.7 carats and emeralds 10.2 carats. All stones are beautifully grown (never mined), cut and polished to impress! 

To make this item in a different metal or stone please contact us via email, WhatsApp, or phone.

Cultured Diamonds and Stones are Real.

We only use cultured diamonds and stones. This means our stones are never mined and always ethical.

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Majestic Cocktail Ring - Make Your Own!

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Comparing Lab vs Mined


Our comparison prices are derived from a careful analysis of how we source and acquire our diamonds compared to the typical sourcing and pricing of mined diamonds. We keep the metal prices stable among all comparisons, only the stones are taken into the comparison calculation. While prices may fluctuate over time, we continuously monitor these trends to give you the most accurate data we can find.


Guaranteeing an ethical diamond is priceless, however in terms of monetary value, traditional mined diamond jewellery retains a resale value of just 20-60% of its original price - that's if you find a buyer.

Our focus is on you wearing and enjoying your piece, so opting for lab diamond jewellery allows you to allocate your savings elsewhere while still keeping your cherished piece forever.


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